My name is Nasir Lightwood. Life has not been too good to me so far and this town hasn't change that. I'm a fighter and I will fight for my happiness.
Movie Day

Jack put his tablet away right after he finished reading research had started to do on the supernatural. He then took the same bag he took with him when he came the first time to Sam’s room and put the movies there as soon as Paul told him that he could go there. He briefly left, leaving a note to let Sam know where he was. He closed the door behind him and started to walk. He was mostly fine now. I mean he still had all that has happened on the back of his head. He knew he had to make major conclusions and decisions soon, but he was at least 80% on most of them.

It didn’t take him long to reach Paul’s home. Jack had a good memory, so he didn’t get lost. He unconsciously hid the marks Sam left him because it was a bit cold and knocked on the door so he could be let in. He also shot a text to Paul just in cased to let him know that he was there.